Rental vehicles are easier to find at affordable prices
Rental vehicles are easier to find at affordable prices

The rental mobil di malang service company that thrives lately makes it easier for the fans of the streets to solve the transportation problems during the holidays. Rental vehicles are easier to find at affordable prices, especially in tourist areas. Car rentals that appear in Bali, Malang, Belitung and other favorite tourist destinations can be an example of the business potential of this one.

Vehicle is an important element that determines the comfort in traveling. One choose a rental vehicle, a tour that should be full of happiness would be damaged. For that it is important to make consideration before renting a car to travel. “There are cars that are suitable for family tours there are also cars that are suitable for honeymoon couples, for example,”

Before renting a car, prospective tenants should ensure the number of passengers and the estimated amount of luggage to be transported.

  1. Make sure the condition of the car. Do not let the rented car break down in the middle of the road. To that end, the tenant must make sure the car is rented in good condition. This can be seen from car type, car output year, and car maintenance service.
  2. There is insurance. Most tenants are easily tempted car rental prices are cheap, but there is no insurance. Cars without insurance in case of incident reimbursement costs can be more expensive than buying a plane ticket.
  3. Lease time. Especially for tenants who want to rent a car in the holiday season, around July and December, should order well in advance. The time can be about two months before the holiday season. Outside the holiday season, most rental cars are usually booked one week before.
  4. Car replacement. Another facility that can be considered for tenants is the provision of a replacement car if the rental car broke down in the middle of the road




Car Top Carrier for Small Car
Car Top Carrier for Small Car

Car top carrier is supportive material for car, which is used for carrying heavy load while driving. For those who loved to go camping, hunting or going far places, often need extra space to carrier their heavy items. Moreover, some certain hobbies are acquiring heavy, widely or long tool to carry, which might not be enough to put inside the car baggage. In this case, people often use car roof to put their tools. Even so, placing item immediately on the car roof might cause to some scars on the car surface. Therefore, top carrier is invented for people with certain needs. There are many variant of top carrier, which is based on its material or size.

Most of car used car top carrierare SUV and MPV – typically big car. It is because big car had wide space to place items on it roof. In addition, big car is considered to be strong enough to support more heavy items. Even so, top carrier can still be installed on the small car, but the car owner should mind several things before installing it on small car.

Firstly, the size of car top carrier should fit perfectly to the size of the small car’s roof. Do not force to install the bigger top carrier which won’t fit to the roof size. It can cause damage during driving like items stored inside top carrier are falling, and it damage to the vehicle behind your car. Secondly, choose the light material of top carrier for the small car. It is because mostly small car are not strong enough like the biggest car. In addition, after installing the top carrier, do not store items with the height more than 80-100 cm with the wide more than the roof surface wide. Make sure that the items stored on it have tightly attached with strong knot and doesn’t loosing while driving on 80km/h speed.

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