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Granny pods floor plans to beautify the room
Granny pods floor plans to beautify the room

Sometimes the beauty of the floor becomes a thing that is not too noted at home. Often seen as mere footwear, the net qualification alone is enough for the floor although the floor is one of the most important decorating aspects in your home.

The Granny pods floor plans as a whole can set the tone of space, as well as the background for furniture and accessories. In some cases, most people still feel comfortable with presenting a neutral floor that is neutral in their dwellings. But some also choose a colorful house floor that shows the personality of the owner.

If you want to bring home the floor is interesting and fun, here are some things you can do

First, use the carpet to beautify the room. Carpets are the easiest and most popular way to bring artwork to your floor. Available in standard size, the carpet is offered in various colors, patterns and styles to suit every room.

One thing to keep in mind as you decorate the floor using a carpet is note the size problem. The most common mistake that often happens is, sometimes you buy a carpet that is too small. If the size is too big you can cut it, but if it’s too small?

Next notice the carpet pattern, adjust and align with the decorations that are on the wall. A harmonious mix of patterns will be fun, but irregular patterns create visual chaos.

Secondly, just try using parquet or wooden floor. Parquet has the ability to bring a warm atmosphere and a luxurious look, elegant and beautiful. In addition, parquet can be arranged in various patterns, ranging from simple to complex.

If you want to bring a beautiful floor, parquet as a tile is the right choice

Third, attach tiles that have many interesting shades, just like ceramics and porcelain. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are currently available in various colors and sizes, so you have plenty of options. Both types are known to be strong and durable characters. With ceramic and porcelain tiles you can experiment in blending colors and patterns.