You must ever heard iPhone giveaway event online. As this brand is the most popular cell phone brand, no wonder that many people, parties, and brands launched event which offered this phone as the reward. You can just search the event online and you might find many of websites provided it. One of them is

Sometimes they gave the latest series of iPhone, but sometimes they gave certain series but not the new launched one. Even so, that still worth of trying, especially since many online event held in free. Even so, it also means that you will compete with many other participants from all over the world, which will decrease your percentage chance to win.

Then, in this case, you can also try iPhone giveaway event which usually held by market or store around your area. At least, the competitor not as much as that of online event, which can involve million participants. Especially if you find a nearby store located in a village, then your competitor will likely only the people who lived around that area. However, that’s indeed quite hard to find such criteria, especially usually only big stores who held the event with amazing prize.

Overall, following iPhone giveaway event from market or store will give you higher chance rather than following it online. At least you can add your winning chance to around 30%. Especially if you fill the lucky draw box with your abundant coupon. However, it also mean that you should purchase items more. Sometimes you can still do it by asking hunting the coupon from trash or ask to other people. It is because not all of people attracted to follow lucky draw held by the store. Then you can ask politely if you could ask their receipt or coupon. That will help you to increase the chance without spending more money.


Tips when choosing fake yeezys for kids
Tips when choosing fake yeezys for kids

In addition to useful in supporting the appearance of the child, when choosing children’s shoes should also require special considerations such as health factors and whether or not suitable shoes with the characteristics of children. It is important for you to have a good knowledge of children’s shoes.

Kids aged 9-12 months of most children can stand up and move already. But to walk independently and do not need to be held, usually occurs at the age of 15-18 months. Give your kids comfortable walking fake yeezys for kids shoes.

Fake yeezys for kids are made from soft material, such as from leather or cloth, so as not to irritate the baby’s feet. From materials that are not hot so the baby’s skin can breathe and not sweat. The model is flexible, following the curve of the baby’s foot. Easy to use and remove. No strap because it can make the baby stumble if the rope loose.

The bottom sole is wide, strong, not sticky and slippery so the baby is steady walking. Comfortable to wear, babies do not wince in pain when wearing it. Not too small or great because it can interfere with the growth of feet and walking. At the end of the shoe, leave the leg room maximum of 1.5 cm.

Fake yeezys for kids has a media arch or pads in the middle of the inner shoe, which will help the baby’s feet so as not to get tired while walking.

Pay attention to the following tips when choosing fake yeezys for kids:

– Light. If his first shoe feels heavy, he will have trouble stepping his foot. In fact, it is not impossible; it will run like a robot.

– Rubber soles. Generally, rubber soled shoes are more flexible when used for walking. In addition, the rubber sole on the shoe also prevents the child from slipping while walking.

– Space between the tip of the thumb with the tip of the shoe at least 1.3cm, so that the child’s toes remain able to move freely.


Create a rough draft for some visual designs of Android Games. To begin to feel the aesthetics of the game graph, you need to start implementing the graph into the prototype and develop the prototype into an increasingly intact game.

Rough draft for Android Games

There are many styles you can use. Pixel art (retro style deliberately) is one of the most common styles used by independent developers. The art of pixels becomes common because these charts are the fastest and cheaper to create and still provide great games.

If you have more time and members, you might consider creating 3D graphics. The basic 3D model can indeed be made by one person only, but more complex details will take a lot of time if alone. 3D models need textures to complement the model.

Pay attention to the design of the world or the structure of the Android games. Once you have a graph ready for use, you can start creating the game. Depending on the style of the game you create, you may need to create a level or play area. If you create a puzzle game, then you can start designing the puzzle.

Develop visual assets. Depending on the visual style you use, there are many programs you can use to create your visual assets. Some of the popular programs include:

Blender: This open source program is the most popular 3D model solution. There are many tutorials available on the internet that shows how to start using them quickly.

Photoshop – This program is important for the process of creating textures and also most 2D graphics. This program is expensive, so if you are short of cost, consider using GIMP, an open source alternative. GIMP has most of the same functionality. – This program is an open source alternative to Paint Shop Pro, and allows you to create 2D visuals easily for free. This program is very useful for creating 2D pixel graphics.

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Clash Royale is Supercell’s latest game to accompany the three previous games, Clash of Clans, Boom Beach and Hay Day. In the Clash Royale game, every player battles in real time and makes the best strategy to destroy the enemy Clash Royale Tower. Here are some strategies in Clash Royale hack, especially for newbie in the game.

First tips in Clash Royale hack is that you should know what are the Gems. Gems is one of the hardest-to-earn money currencies in “casual free-to-play” games like Clash Royale. Gems can be obtained free of charge through completion of the mission and opening of the chest.Some new players in Clash Royale may have used Gems to unlock chest that took a long time.

In fact, it is a thing that should not be done. In the Clash Royale game, Gems are used to purchase the Magical Chest at Shop.Magical Chest is one of the chest that contains the most cards than any other chest. Magical Chest is more expensive if the player’s arena higher, but the number of cards obtained also more.

Next, upgrading cards is what is important in Clash Royale games. By upgrading the card, of course your card will be stronger than before. There are several things to note before upgrading the card.Upgrading a card requires Gold, the greater the level it will be the more expensive the upgrade cost. For those of you who just play Clash Royale, you should upgrade your card for frequently used cards only. You may upgrade another card if you have more Gold. The main important tips for Clash Royale hack is don’t play too rush. Arena is one of the battles in Clash Royale. The higher the Arena the collected card will be the better. One of the things done for beginners is do not rush the Arena. Because the higher Arena opponent will be more difficult. If the opponent is tough, we will continue to lose and not get a new chest.


Short and Curly Hairstyle for Women
Short and Curly Hairstyle for Women

Many woman with curly hair tend to cut it in shoulder-length. This haircut become the common curly cut. In fact, some of woman tend to perm their hair curly in order to get messy and more volume hair. Curly hair is also good for those who had skinny face to make it a bit chubby on chick part. If you had this type of curly hair, there are many short curly hairstyles for women which you can try and apply to your hair.

1.Short Side

Short side haircut or can also called undercut is a hair model that is suitable for women with an active soul and baseball want complicated with hair care. This super short hairstyle for women is indeed a low maintenance haircut. If the morning had to rush to the office, we just need to comb and give a little gel for hairstyling.

2.Pixie cut

Almost similar to short side haircut, pixie haircut is also one very short hairstyle. The difference, in pixie cut we do not need to attenuate hair on the side. This pixie hairstyle is a bit unique. Although the model is short, but it can make us look feminine. Well, this haircut pixie model can be used by all types of face shape. For women with round faces or boxes, add a little layer on the side to disguise the jaw shape.

3.Shaggy Bob

Shaggy bob haircut suitable for women with short curly hairstyle that has a round face. Shaggy haircut will give the frame on the face so it looks gaunter. If you have a hair type that expands, you should choose a model of shaggy bob haircut which is rather long. If it’s too short, it can make hair curl looks bigger and fluffy. The treatment and care for this haircut is also easy. You can simply dry hair naturally and comb it with fingers.


As a human we will certainly need to shopping. Especially with a myriad of activities that exist, of course meet basic needs such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner is not enough.

They need other food intake as additional energy during leisure or time between the three meals. Well, this is where then comes the need for snack. Snacks in the form of snacks themselves can be various types of snacks or drinks.

1. Do not forget the breakfast

Why breakfast? Because with breakfast we will be full and when it has been full then the desire for a snack will be reduced.

One of the desires and passions for snacks can indeed be started because of hunger. So when hungry we will be easier to be interested in snacks that pass in front of the eyes or also come to where people sell snacks.

For you who are planning a money saving program snack, you can make your stomach full once before the move by way of breakfast.

2. Do not be embarrassed to bring lunch

With the provision of this food then you will be difficult to turn to the menu snack around you. From here then your expenses for snacks will be reduced and you can save well.

But unfortunately the habit of bringing lunch to the place of this activity is difficult to do by most Indonesians because their pride and shame are still very large.

From here the expenditure of snack was still great. Remember also that the provision of this food is not necessarily a heavy meal such as rice and side dishes, you can also bring lunch in the form of nutritious snacks such as sandwich sandwiches plus drinking water.

3. Avoid carrying cash

Most people will buy pocket money directly when he wants it when he has cash in his wallet.

With the existence of this cash then most people will be very easy to spend anything including snacks. So what if we need something important with the cost of money? You can rely on ATM machines (Automated Teller Machine) to take money.