Choosing the Correct Video Card for PC Games

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Choosing the correct video card might seems simple but this component is the most important component, but the most difficult to choose because there are so many types of video cards on the market. Because the type is very much, the best way to determine the choice of video card is to look for video card reviews that cost in accordance with the funds you have. Currently, two leading video card manufacturers are ATI and nVidia, but companies like Sapphire and eVGA are allowed to produce cards from both companies.

Sometimes, a mistake about naming nVidia cards is good for games. Numbers in bigger card names do not necessarily mean better cards.

If you really want to boost game performance, and your board supports it, buy two identical cards from the same manufacturer and run in ATI or nVidia mode. However this is actually not recommended unless you have the best graphics card, because buying a good graphics card will be cheaper.

Choose the size of your hard disk. Games, audio, and video will take up huge space. Read the hard disk reviews and find which one is best within the price range you specify. Check the specifications and make sure your hard disk is running at least at 7200 RPM, as you may get a speed increase.

-A faster hard disk will only affect game loading time, it is not significant either. Focus on size, and do not think too much about speed.

-SATA hard disk is currently the best choice because the small cable allows better air channel, and the transfer rate is better than PATA.

Select the power supply by checking the available voltage of the component. Power supply is available with 20-pin or 24-pin connector. Make sure you purchase the appropriate number of pins on your motherboard to connect, and have sufficient amount of power for your components, such as graphics cards.

Remember that the congenital power supply device is usually of low quality. Replace with a more quality and efficient power supply as soon as possible. The 350 watt PSU is a minimal PSU for modern computers. Powerful components such as high-end video cards may require a PSU of 500 watts or more.


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