iPhone Giveaway Event at Market

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You must ever heard iPhone giveaway event online. As this brand is the most popular cell phone brand, no wonder that many people, parties, and brands launched event which offered this phone as the reward. You can just search the event online and you might find many of websites provided it. One of them is

Sometimes they gave the latest series of iPhone, but sometimes they gave certain series but not the new launched one. Even so, that still worth of trying, especially since many online event held in free. Even so, it also means that you will compete with many other participants from all over the world, which will decrease your percentage chance to win.

Then, in this case, you can also try iPhone giveaway event which usually held by market or store around your area. At least, the competitor not as much as that of online event, which can involve million participants. Especially if you find a nearby store located in a village, then your competitor will likely only the people who lived around that area. However, that’s indeed quite hard to find such criteria, especially usually only big stores who held the event with amazing prize.

Overall, following iPhone giveaway event from market or store will give you higher chance rather than following it online. At least you can add your winning chance to around 30%. Especially if you fill the lucky draw box with your abundant coupon. However, it also mean that you should purchase items more. Sometimes you can still do it by asking hunting the coupon from trash or ask to other people. It is because not all of people attracted to follow lucky draw held by the store. Then you can ask politely if you could ask their receipt or coupon. That will help you to increase the chance without spending more money.

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