How to have natural look African hair braiding?

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Because of its thickness and natural fullness, braiding African-American hair can be a challenge, but it is possible with a little help. Straps or cornrows are very pretty, classic style you can do without having to go to the salon. Handle your hair gently, and take your time! The result will be feasible.

Prepare your hair. Start with washing your hair as usual, and then use conditioner to help soften each strand. When you rinse off the rest of the conditioner, use a tight-toothed comb to comb all the tangles, from the roots to the ends of the hair. Use a hair dryer in the ‘low’ position to give the wind to your hair curl, so your hair is almost dry all. Comb your hair back to make sure nothing is crumpled, and then you are ready to start braiding

Prepare the braiding package of hair. The braid box uses a ‘braid hair’ a very long strand of hair to fill the distance on your scalp and give it plenty of fullness to the braids. Choose hair braids on the same color as your natural hair, and get at least two big packages. Then, take each haircut from the packaging separately, and hold it in the middle, cut the rubber band and hold it together. By holding on to the center and two tail ends dangling downwards, start pulling each strand on one side of the hair. This will give the tip of your hair a more natural look, otherwise the hair packs are packed in straight pieces, your hair will look a little unnatural when the braids are done.

-When you pull your hair, gently pull only a few strands from a lot of strands.

-Shuck your fingers between the hairs when you are done at the end, to remove any tangling that may appear.

Simple but elegant African hair braiding tips

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