Granny pods floor plans to beautify the room
Granny pods floor plans to beautify the room

Sometimes the beauty of the floor becomes a thing that is not too noted at home. Often seen as mere footwear, the net qualification alone is enough for the floor although the floor is one of the most important decorating aspects in your home.

The Granny pods floor plans as a whole can set the tone of space, as well as the background for furniture and accessories. In some cases, most people still feel comfortable with presenting a neutral floor that is neutral in their dwellings. But some also choose a colorful house floor that shows the personality of the owner.

If you want to bring home the floor is interesting and fun, here are some things you can do

First, use the carpet to beautify the room. Carpets are the easiest and most popular way to bring artwork to your floor. Available in standard size, the carpet is offered in various colors, patterns and styles to suit every room.

One thing to keep in mind as you decorate the floor using a carpet is note the size problem. The most common mistake that often happens is, sometimes you buy a carpet that is too small. If the size is too big you can cut it, but if it’s too small?

Next notice the carpet pattern, adjust and align with the decorations that are on the wall. A harmonious mix of patterns will be fun, but irregular patterns create visual chaos.

Secondly, just try using parquet or wooden floor. Parquet has the ability to bring a warm atmosphere and a luxurious look, elegant and beautiful. In addition, parquet can be arranged in various patterns, ranging from simple to complex.

If you want to bring a beautiful floor, parquet as a tile is the right choice

Third, attach tiles that have many interesting shades, just like ceramics and porcelain. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are currently available in various colors and sizes, so you have plenty of options. Both types are known to be strong and durable characters. With ceramic and porcelain tiles you can experiment in blending colors and patterns.


Short and Curly Hairstyle for Women
Short and Curly Hairstyle for Women

Many woman with curly hair tend to cut it in shoulder-length. This haircut become the common curly cut. In fact, some of woman tend to perm their hair curly in order to get messy and more volume hair. Curly hair is also good for those who had skinny face to make it a bit chubby on chick part. If you had this type of curly hair, there are many short curly hairstyles for women which you can try and apply to your hair.

1.Short Side

Short side haircut or can also called undercut is a hair model that is suitable for women with an active soul and baseball want complicated with hair care. This super short hairstyle for women is indeed a low maintenance haircut. If the morning had to rush to the office, we just need to comb and give a little gel for hairstyling.

2.Pixie cut

Almost similar to short side haircut, pixie haircut is also one very short hairstyle. The difference, in pixie cut we do not need to attenuate hair on the side. This pixie hairstyle is a bit unique. Although the model is short, but it can make us look feminine. Well, this haircut pixie model can be used by all types of face shape. For women with round faces or boxes, add a little layer on the side to disguise the jaw shape.

3.Shaggy Bob

Shaggy bob haircut suitable for women with short curly hairstyle that has a round face. Shaggy haircut will give the frame on the face so it looks gaunter. If you have a hair type that expands, you should choose a model of shaggy bob haircut which is rather long. If it’s too short, it can make hair curl looks bigger and fluffy. The treatment and care for this haircut is also easy. You can simply dry hair naturally and comb it with fingers.


Car Top Carrier for Small Car
Car Top Carrier for Small Car

Car top carrier is supportive material for car, which is used for carrying heavy load while driving. For those who loved to go camping, hunting or going far places, often need extra space to carrier their heavy items. Moreover, some certain hobbies are acquiring heavy, widely or long tool to carry, which might not be enough to put inside the car baggage. In this case, people often use car roof to put their tools. Even so, placing item immediately on the car roof might cause to some scars on the car surface. Therefore, top carrier is invented for people with certain needs. There are many variant of top carrier, which is based on its material or size.

Most of car used car top carrierare SUV and MPV – typically big car. It is because big car had wide space to place items on it roof. In addition, big car is considered to be strong enough to support more heavy items. Even so, top carrier can still be installed on the small car, but the car owner should mind several things before installing it on small car.

Firstly, the size of car top carrier should fit perfectly to the size of the small car’s roof. Do not force to install the bigger top carrier which won’t fit to the roof size. It can cause damage during driving like items stored inside top carrier are falling, and it damage to the vehicle behind your car. Secondly, choose the light material of top carrier for the small car. It is because mostly small car are not strong enough like the biggest car. In addition, after installing the top carrier, do not store items with the height more than 80-100 cm with the wide more than the roof surface wide. Make sure that the items stored on it have tightly attached with strong knot and doesn’t loosing while driving on 80km/h speed.

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As a human we will certainly need to shopping. Especially with a myriad of activities that exist, of course meet basic needs such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner is not enough.

They need other food intake as additional energy during leisure or time between the three meals. Well, this is where then comes the need for snack. Snacks in the form of snacks themselves can be various types of snacks or drinks.

1. Do not forget the breakfast

Why breakfast? Because with breakfast we will be full and when it has been full then the desire for a snack will be reduced.

One of the desires and passions for snacks can indeed be started because of hunger. So when hungry we will be easier to be interested in snacks that pass in front of the eyes or also come to where people sell snacks.

For you who are planning a money saving program snack, you can make your stomach full once before the move by way of breakfast.

2. Do not be embarrassed to bring lunch

With the provision of this food then you will be difficult to turn to the menu snack around you. From here then your expenses for snacks will be reduced and you can save well.

But unfortunately the habit of bringing lunch to the place of this activity is difficult to do by most Indonesians because their pride and shame are still very large.

From here the expenditure of snack was still great. Remember also that the provision of this food is not necessarily a heavy meal such as rice and side dishes, you can also bring lunch in the form of nutritious snacks such as sandwich sandwiches plus drinking water.

3. Avoid carrying cash

Most people will buy pocket money directly when he wants it when he has cash in his wallet.

With the existence of this cash then most people will be very easy to spend anything including snacks. So what if we need something important with the cost of money? You can rely on ATM machines (Automated Teller Machine) to take money.

Simple Luxurious Fleur de lis home decor
Simple Luxurious Fleur de lis home decor

Luxury should not look glamorous. Luxury homes are not only judged by excessive decoration with Fleur de lis home decor. Even a simple house you can be magic so luxurious with certain tips. Here are five tips to turn a house so much more luxurious. Take a peek here.The main key is the choice of color or ladies wall design. For a luxurious home impression, you are strongly advised to choose plain wall paint or wallpaper with warm colors like white, gray or beige. If you want to use wallpaper, choose minimalist wallpaper. It is advisable to choose wallpaper with a lace or abstract motif with a color that is also warm.

Next, try to make home decor simple and not excessive. No need to choose too much decoration and also wall decorations.
Also choose a decorating color that matches your home room Ladies. Try not to use too many colors for your home decor.

If you have lots of display items, try to put them in a single display cabinet.
Last but not least, tidy up the cable. Wires that are scattered and uncluttered will damage the home decor. Make sure you hide the cables so as not to spoil the decor.
That was five tips you can do for a simple home can look super luxurious. Good luck and hopefully useful yes.