How to prevent dogs from getting ear mites?

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Every dog ​​breed has its own character. Do not forget if the dog also has a strong bond with the owner. So any changes that occur in your life, will affect their feelings as great. Do not forget to pay attention to humidity and temperature levels. Just like humans, dogs can also overheat. Keep in mind if dogs do not have pores, so they will not sweat. The way a dog regulates body temperature is by opening his mouth and removing his tongue.

Tips to Create Healthy Environment Living Place for your Dog

Only later can you comfortably release the dog inside the house without a leash. This is important because sometimes some dogs are not used to it and are afraid to be among people. So the state of emotions that are less stable can cause the dog to attack or stress.

Identify ingredients that can harm your dog’s health. Detergents, avocados, grapes, chocolates, onions, and some vegetables should not be given to dogs.

Some materials are fatal because they can be harmful to life. Do not be afraid to keep a dog because if you succeed to be a good owner, this experience will be one of the most fun moments of your life

Regular ear cleaning once a month can prevent the appearance of ear mites. If your dog has just recovered from ear mites, be sure to clean the bed and the home environment and check if other pets at home are also infected.

Are you wondering whether or not your dog has ear mites?

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