Rough draft for Android Games

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Create a rough draft for some visual designs of Android Games. To begin to feel the aesthetics of the game graph, you need to start implementing the graph into the prototype and develop the prototype into an increasingly intact game.

Rough draft for Android Games

There are many styles you can use. Pixel art (retro style deliberately) is one of the most common styles used by independent developers. The art of pixels becomes common because these charts are the fastest and cheaper to create and still provide great games.

If you have more time and members, you might consider creating 3D graphics. The basic 3D model can indeed be made by one person only, but more complex details will take a lot of time if alone. 3D models need textures to complement the model.

Pay attention to the design of the world or the structure of the Android games. Once you have a graph ready for use, you can start creating the game. Depending on the style of the game you create, you may need to create a level or play area. If you create a puzzle game, then you can start designing the puzzle.

Develop visual assets. Depending on the visual style you use, there are many programs you can use to create your visual assets. Some of the popular programs include:

Blender: This open source program is the most popular 3D model solution. There are many tutorials available on the internet that shows how to start using them quickly.

Photoshop – This program is important for the process of creating textures and also most 2D graphics. This program is expensive, so if you are short of cost, consider using GIMP, an open source alternative. GIMP has most of the same functionality. – This program is an open source alternative to Paint Shop Pro, and allows you to create 2D visuals easily for free. This program is very useful for creating 2D pixel graphics.

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