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Steps to Home Design Fish Tank Aquarium

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Before starting to set up an aquarium, a good aquarium requires a pedestal. Fishing aquarium can be various and it will give some good view on your home decor. For you who just want to fill the aquarium with fish and decoration of plastic aquarium decoration, you can use the stones.

However, if you plan to plant water vegetation, poor sand is the right choice. The function of this aquarium base is the place of life and the development of good bacteria that will help kill toxins that are in the water.

– Decorate your fish aquarium

Once the pedestal is installed, start decorating the fish aquarium with a variety of decorative knick-knacks. For beginners, use artificial decorations such as plastic plants and also rocks. However, you can also use aquatic plants as decoration. It’s just that, living water plants require you to give more care.

– Install all supporting installations

Once the fish aquarium decorations are fitted perfectly, it’s time to install fish aquarium supporting equipment from water filters, aquarium lights, and oxygen aerators. Make sure you follow the instructions for using them to operate properly and to avoid electrical shorting in the fish tank.

– Insert water and filter water and sterilize water

Now, you are ready to put water into the fish tank. Enter the water slowly so as not to damage the decoration and installation of equipment that you have installed.

Once the water is fully charged, switch on all the equipment and let the aquarium water filter for a while to get rid of all the toxins present in the water. If necessary, add a few drops of water sterilizer to make the pH more suitable for live fish.

– Put the fish into aquarium

Once left overnight, fish aquariums can be used to maintain ornamental fish. Enter some healthy ornamental fish to fill the aquarium, now your home room feels more alive

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