Watch the movie parody
Watch the movie parody

Know the actors well. Knowing other movies that also starred by the horror movie actor. If the actor who acts as a psychopath also acts as a friendly father in another movie, then watch the movie pieces as he acts as a friendly father. Do the same for other actors who play a role in the film. When you watch a horror movie, then you will remember the actor in a friendlier role so it will not look scary.

Watch the movie parody. If you watch a classic horror movie, then there will be a lot of parody of the movie. Find out if Saturday Night Live sketches the movie comedy. If SNL does not make the movie parody, then find another comedy group that makes a movie parody on YouTube. When you watch the actual movie, you will remember the parody of the movie, so the movie will look funny

Learn about the costumes and make-up of horror movies. One of the reasons why you are uncomfortable watching a horror movie is blood and strong blood. You have to know that it’s all are fake, fake bones, fake skins, fake stitches and fake blood. Making a bloody-looking costume that looks like the original requires good skill. As you learn how these costumes and makeup are combined, you’ll be able to watch the movie with a captivating feeling rather than fear for free movie download