How to take care of favorite bag from batik fabric?

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In recent years, batik motif is increasingly hits and liked. Not just used for clothing materials, batik is also often used as a basic material bag. Of course you must understand how to care for a batik bag so that your pet bag is always clean and looks like new.

Caring for a batik bag is like taking care of batik clothes. Use clean water and special cleaning soap batik material. Rinse thoroughly so there is no residue of soap attached to the batik bag.

How to dry it is very easy, just dried in the air in the shade. Keep your batik bag from perfume or other liquid so that the color and texture of the batik bag does not change.

Maintaining the quality of ethnic benefits bags

Ethnic woven bag makes your appearance more special and riveting. Unfortunately, wicker bags will be easily damaged if you are not careful caring for it. Actually the bag swarming is not difficult.

Try not to carry heavy items with wicker bags. Because the woven bag will be easily stretched and loose due to heavy loads.

To clean the dust on the sidelines of the bag, you can use a small brush, hair dryer, or mini vacuum cleaner.

From now on, your favorite bag collection must be more durable and look like new. Because you are more adept and painstaking caring for your bags.

No need a complicated or extra cost to maintain the quality of your pet bag. Let’s take care of the bag in a practical and precise way.

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