Tips to bring toddler to watch movies together at cinema

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Someone who likes movies will spend time just refreshing watching movies in theaters. I don’t know when it’s time, the right schedule will be sought to enjoy it. After getting married and having children, sometimes this hobby still continues and becomes a new habit of watching together. Then what if you want to invite toddlers, are they ready?

There are several benefits if we as parents invite toddlers to watch movies. Among them is to add vocabulary, as learning material to increase knowledge and be able to improve creative thinking skills. What should be considered, see the following tips.

-Film Reference

What needs to be considered for parents who will invite toddlers to watch movies is read the synopsis, age rating, and type of film and see the trailer first. This is important to determine whether the film to be watched is in accordance with his age.


Choose a movie schedule that does not interfere with your toddler’s rest time, inviting during bedtime will make him fussier. In addition you can also teach to choose a schedule that does not interfere with prayer and is a worship that should not be abandoned.

-Not hungry

Invite your toddler to watch in a full stomach condition then it will calm down. One of the causes of fussy toddlers is hunger, so parents have to prepare food or snacks when the movie has been played. This is an attempt to persuade or cry for home and such.

-Feeling of boring

Before leaving, tell about the situation of the cinema that will be entered. For example, the lights will be turned off or the sound of the film blaring, this will give your toddler a picture of adapting. If a toddler feels bored with the film being watched, then bring his favorite toy to distract. Or invite out not to continue watching and do not force it. Especially if the type of active toddler is quickly bored by just sitting.

It is better to invite toddlers to watch movies, which need to be considered is that parents must be selective in choosing films and accompanying them. Enjoy watching.

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