Tips when choosing fake yeezys for kids

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Tips when choosing fake yeezys for kids
Tips when choosing fake yeezys for kids

In addition to useful in supporting the appearance of the child, when choosing children’s shoes should also require special considerations such as health factors and whether or not suitable shoes with the characteristics of children. It is important for you to have a good knowledge of children’s shoes.

Kids aged 9-12 months of most children can stand up and move already. But to walk independently and do not need to be held, usually occurs at the age of 15-18 months. Give your kids comfortable walking fake yeezys for kids shoes.

Fake yeezys for kids are made from soft material, such as from leather or cloth, so as not to irritate the baby’s feet. From materials that are not hot so the baby’s skin can breathe and not sweat. The model is flexible, following the curve of the baby’s foot. Easy to use and remove. No strap because it can make the baby stumble if the rope loose.

The bottom sole is wide, strong, not sticky and slippery so the baby is steady walking. Comfortable to wear, babies do not wince in pain when wearing it. Not too small or great because it can interfere with the growth of feet and walking. At the end of the shoe, leave the leg room maximum of 1.5 cm.

Fake yeezys for kids has a media arch or pads in the middle of the inner shoe, which will help the baby’s feet so as not to get tired while walking.

Pay attention to the following tips when choosing fake yeezys for kids:

– Light. If his first shoe feels heavy, he will have trouble stepping his foot. In fact, it is not impossible; it will run like a robot.

– Rubber soles. Generally, rubber soled shoes are more flexible when used for walking. In addition, the rubber sole on the shoe also prevents the child from slipping while walking.

– Space between the tip of the thumb with the tip of the shoe at least 1.3cm, so that the child’s toes remain able to move freely.

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