Tips for Feeding Birds Safely

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Know the food needed by the bird species that are nurtured. Some birds only eat certain types of food, while other birds have more common types of food. Since food needs depend on the species, you are encouraged to read this section by considering the bird species you choose. Some general feeding observations include:

-Make sure that you have the right feed for each bird species. You have to find the right feed for your bird, because some birds are very picky about food while other birds have very strict feeding needs. Typically, packets / cans of birds have a label to tell the kind of bird that can eat the feed. If you do not know what type of feed is best, check with the breeder or the seller, or ask questions to the group of bird species lovers.

-You may have to put a small pebble inside the bird feed; some small bird species need it to help destroy the seeds in the cache. However, not all bird species need these small pebbles, and if birds eat them too much, these pebbles can cause clogging. Walnuts tend to need small pebbles to digest food, but do not give it to parakeets, cockatiel or parrots

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